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    Frank Gehry, Norton House, Venice Beach, 1985

    Phtography: Tim Street-Porter

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    As the tectonic plates of Europe and North America slowly drift apart, the earth gives away, cracks and sinks..fissures are born and some of them fill up with the cleanest ground water you can find…Cave diving in Silfra fissure, South Iceland

    Iceland is quickly jumping to the top of my travel list.

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    Slingshot Coffee - Dapper Paper, North Carolina

    Check out this beautiful packaging from Dapper Paper with their recent branding and packaging design project for Slingshot Coffee Co.

    "We really wanted to give the logo and overall branding a unique look that would pop off the shelf, while keeping a rustic, vintage-modern aesthetic, which was important to the client. To differentiate between the ready-to-drink and concentrate bottles, we reversed out the bold black and cream colors and added one accent color to each bottle. We used lid stickers that coordinate in color with their coffee type. This coffee is seasonal and the lid sticker text will change with each new coffee blend, describing the flavor profiles of each one."

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    Eat and Drink: Cincinnati 

    I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret - Cincinnati is one of the best new cities to get your food and drink on. Now, I’m not telling you that because I’m getting married to a beautiful woman who happens to be from there; I’m telling you because it’s the truth.

    Cincinnati has everything: delicious food made with fresh ingredients, inventive and flavorful cocktails, and locally crafted beer that competes with the best. The best part is that everything is completely affordable. We went out one night and purchased enough food and drinks to feed ten people and the bill was less than $100.


    If you’re ever in the Midwest, make sure you check out Cincinnati. You won’t regret it.

    Also, don’t forget about Skyline chili, but maybe save that for last.

    Food and drinks from Salazar
    BBQ from Eli’s BBQ
    Beer from Rhinegeist

    Select photos by Chelsea

    Meatloaf from Local 127.

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    Allen Stone in a Skykomish cabin, 2012. By Lon.

    His cover of Blackbird at this past weekend’s Beatles 50th Anniversary brought down the Hollywood Bowl.

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    The Abyss Table by Duffy London

    This mesmerising table was first conceived by Christopher Duffy — and ultimately refined by the team at Duffy London — to represent a 3D geological map of an ocean floor. The Abyss Table makes use of contour lines, which are often used to denote topography in terrain maps, to render an island chain and ocean abyss.

    Contour lines can be thought of as workaround for the 2D limitations of paper maps, but Duffy instead relished these simplifications which have become iconic imagery for the field of cartography. He incorporates layers of wood to represent the land, and panes of glass for the water, in order to produce a 3 dimensional geographical model.

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