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  • Martinez Cocktail. The great link between the Manhattan and the Martini.

    Gin. Maraschino Liqueur. Sweet Vermouth. Angostura. Lemon Rind.

  • Making some drinks for a Graduation Party/Crawfish Boil. What choice do we have? Must make Sazeracs.

  • We started a company that makes cocktails for events.

    We have an event on Saturday, May 18. It is in Malibu. There will be art for sale and drinks for free.

  • My house is about to get real boozy sometime in the next 3-5 business days.

  • "The important thing is the rhythm, always have rhythm in your shaking…"

  • Would you like a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned while getting a smart cut? Why yes, yes I would.

    Best haircut in LA, got mine with a side of whiskey.

  • Making dranks on dranks for my birthday.


    2oz Gin

    1oz Sweet Vermouth

    A bit of Maraschino

    1 dash Angostura

    Lemon peel

  • The French 75. Prefer mine with Gin.

  • My buddy Courtney written up in GQ.

    Williams and Graham was right out my old front door in Denver, a mere 1 minute walk away for the best, the damn best, Old Fashioned.

  • Since moving to LA, I have not really found a great cocktail bar(have not looked extremely hard).

    The Los Angeles Cocktail gives me hope though:



  • Tipperary Cocktail: Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.

    2 oz. Irish whiskey

    3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth- Carpano Antica preferred

    1/2 oz. Green Chartreuse

    Stir, garnish with Lemon Rind.

  • Rye + Maraschino Liqueur + Sweet Vermouth = something special

    Dont know what this is besides delightful. added a dash of Angostura.

  • Finished installing the bar in my new apartment, then spent the better part of my Saturday night drinking Atties and Bridals, playing poker, and listening to the Blues.  All in all, a goddamn great time.