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  • Cool marketing for Cabela’s exploding targets, and probably the first and only proper use of dubstep in an ad.


  • On Branding

    Worth a full read…

    Andrew Keller:

    We live to challenge the status quo and redefine categories. And redefine our industry. We live to make an impact on-culture, pop culture, business, products, financial results. We love to make change—to see the effect of what we do. It starts with the belief that culture wants to change. So we do our part and give it a good nudge.

    We don’t do “art”—what we do is not about beauty or reflecting life as it is. It’s about challenging the conventions of culture, the accepted beliefs of our time and our clients’ categories to put a spotlight on what makes them special and has always made them special. We use tension to illuminate their transcendent meaning and make it relevant for today.

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  • Great new tumblr site.

    Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes

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