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  • Big stuff is coming, you guys.

  • HitRECord just went way up market with their clothing…

    New Sweater

  • hickorees:

    Safety Glasses from American Opitcal are back in stock!

    Available with Grey and Green Lenses

    - CR-39 resin frame
    - UV, optical quality lenses

    - Width of frames at widest point: 150mm
    - Width of lens at widest point: 49mm
    - Height of lens at tallest point: 42mm


    Grey on grey on grey.

  • Rappers want to be in fashion and Basketball Players want to be in fashion. What the hell happened rappers trying to play ball and ballers trying to rap?

  • Levi’s Made & Crafted - As the name might suggest, this new line from Levi’s isn’t your budget $30 pair of shitkicker jeans. From premium quality denim, Japanese fabric, natural dyes and indigo, and heeps of other cool features (see compressed cotton buttons), Levi’s just reminded everyone why they’ve been in the game 140 years, in case you forgot.

    Find a store.

  • Competing, limited, deadstock textiles from WWII to fulfill all your menswear trends in one, skinny tie.

    General Knot & Co

  • Tie the Knot

    From Jessie Tyler Ferguson and his lover partner young ward fiance comes this new project, Tie the Knot. A collaboration with The Tie Bar, his new foundation donates the proceeds from sales of their unique line of ties to organizations fighting for marriage equality.

    The collection will be inspired by art and fashion, and it’s going to help people. If this isn’t a no-brainer to you, then I suggest you pick up this exquisite line of douche couture from Donald Trump.

  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, keeping it fresh like gators.

    Also, the concept and packaging for this are awesome.

  • Sherlock dresses like Sherlock should. Benedict Cumberbatch looks good pretty much all of the time.

    Also, Season 2 is up on Netflix finally.

  • David Byrne and St. Vincent. Byrne knows how to dress, and might even be a talented musician on top of that.

  • Time to re-sole, get these.

    from: Mark McNairy

  • Menswear // Hip Hop

    Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Otherside Remix ft. Fences

  • Dude, Sweet.

    Chocolate made for men, with flavors like eucalyptus and honey, and something called the Break Up Potion - an agave-sweetened mix of chocolate and Breckenridge Bourbon from Colorado.

    (bon appetit)